We invest more than capital

Investment Banking

If you are curious or wish to use M&A, an IPO or joint ventures

To generate stability, scale and reach

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We want to work with mature entrepreneurs or young players managing business services firms and digital assets

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We provide M&A advisory (sell side and buy side), joint venture, capital raising, investment, scale - up and roll- up services

for our clients

The + Group

Separate from the above services

We are building a group of companies that are focused on  business services or digital assets and sustainable practice

Founders will retain their independence, whilst being a pivotal part of a band of leaders and fellow CEOs

Gaining a new sense of capability, scale and reach

We intend to list this group, possibly on our existing vehicle on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

If you are a CEO or  Managing Director seeking exponential leadership or exponential strategies for company growth


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Deva Naidu

Managing Director | Partners+