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M&A for SME. All day, everyday

If you are curious about or wish to use M&A

To generate wealth, stability, scale and reach

We should talk

We want to work with mature entrepreneurs or young players managing small to medium enterprises (SME) in Ireland or the UK. We want to support and help business owners to sell their company or scale up

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We provide M&A advisory (sell side and buy side), capital raising, investment, scaling and roll- up services

for SME in Ireland and the UK. Any sector. Ideally a business generating 1m to 5m in revenue. We will help with tax efficient strategies, retirement planning and an outcome that protects and builds on your legacy

Separate from the above services

We are also building a global group of companies that are focused on energy transition and sustainable practice, via Danu Capital Solutions 

Founders will retain their independence, whilst being a pivotal part of a band of leaders and fellow CEOs

Gaining a new sense of capability, scale and reach

We intend to list this group, possibly on our existing vehicle on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

If you are a business owner or CEO, that fits the above services


Let's set up a call.

Deva Naidu

CEO | Partners+

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