A mastermind programme for ambitious CEOs in the new world of talent.

Who does a leader turn to for advice and support? 


Who monitors a leader’s well-being and stress test their strategic choices?

Unlike many other mastermind programmes


We have skin in the game. We hold ourselves accountable.

We offer a risk reversal policy. If we don’t deliver on the agreed outcome. We refund our fees.

CEOs, Leaders & Entrepreneurs in talent focused companies

or within the talent ecosystem itself


For instance;

STEM Institutes, Edtech, HRTech, Recruitment, Training and Talent Consultancies

Perhaps you are not leading a company in these sectors

Yet wish to lead your team, by deploying new methods as a talent focused CEO


We focus on your strengths


To help you ascend as a leader with new realms of influence


To help your firm expand its presence and reach


We do this by understanding your needs deeply


We sometimes use unconventional techniques


We are a panel of subject matter experts that have delivered remarkable results for our own firms or for our clients


We help facilitate structured conversations between other attendees


As your knowledge and the knowledge of your peers can be priceless


We utilise these and other techniques to create the EXPONENTIAL


Delivering a new form of CEO advisory to you


Creating innovative capital events for you to leverage

Organic and incremental growth is only one way for you to prosper


You need exponential growth too


By doing so you create a new sense of capability


A sense of personal and organisational autonomy and mastery


Stability as well as a chance to thrive in an ever fluid world


The ability to make unconventional choices and execute them efficiently


To take on the market and surpass all expectations is possible


Yet you need the DNA of a Maverick

 The +Group are a band of leadership advisers + entrepreneurs + investors that are on mission to improve the world of talent.




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